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Recording the rich layers of heritage across London

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Sign up your school for our free new, WW2 education programme and learn how to geo-reference!

We have 24,000 images of London taken by the RAF between 1947-49 showing the extent of the damage from WW2. These come from Historic England's archive. In order to to get all 24,000 images perfectly aligned over the map of London today to create an amazing new map layer, we need your help! We don't have enough images for all schools to take part, so sign your school up now! (suitable for KS2/3/4)

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My Layers of London experience

"Helping with Layers of London proved to be such an exciting experience. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life sitting behind a desk being told what to do…" - Isabella tells us about her experience with the project.

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