This is a beta release. You might find some bugs while we finish things off. Read more.

What's a beta launch?

While you've been adding records to the Layers of London site, we've been busy building a new version for the public launch of the project in September. We've taken into account all the feedback we got from the alpha site (the previous version) to make this version faster and easier to use. We plan to add lots of new features too. Before the launch, we'll be ironing out bugs and getting feedback from early participants. That's what we call a beta release.

We've copied across all the content and user accounts from the alpha site, so you can get started straight away with adding more records. If you have questions or need a hand, please email the project team at [email protected].

If you're interested in tracking the progress of the project, the code and issues are all open-source. You can see the current issue list here: