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What was it like to be at school in 1951? Can you add information about the history of your own school?

Find out how your area has changed over time by exploring our historic maps and researching stories and memories.

Layers of London has a diverse education programme to engage schools and young people with their local history. Schools can download our free teaching resources or book free CPD sessions to support their staff using the site and resources.

We also have an exciting informal learning programme for young people and can deliver free arts awards programmes for these groups to explore the arts and their local history.

We are also happy for schools and groups to contact us to work on bespoke projects to further enrich our map such as a project to explore and research your local area or community.

We work with our partners at Historic England as part of their Heritage Schools Programme, by using Layers of London to explore your local history and geography, your school can be an accredited Heritage School.

We are currently developing a free ESOL resource that can be used to get learners exploring their local history based on the topic of London markets for adult learners.

map mosaic

Can you help us create one big image of London taken after World War II by using our special georeferencing software to connect the individual photographs together? It's easy and fun!